LMMC Monthly meeting minutes

September 12, 2016

Jimmy called the meeting to order at the track at 7:30PM. Minutes of the August monthly meeting were read and stood as read. There was no Board meeting synopsis.

Correspondence: Kim had received thank you cards from Dennis and Loretta Ziegler and from Ken Davis for the recent cards and flowers. Harvey is back in the hospital and reported to be doing better, he had also had a blood clot this last time. He may need some rehab, cards and visits are appreciated.

Competition, reported they were upset with 4-wheeler operators not being on their 4-wheelers to move cars, it was reported that they were short a driver and the accident happened at the gate and they were in service on the track on foot. They also congratulated Corey on his recent win, he looked good.

Membership and Tech reported progress.

Banquet committee reports they handed out banquet forms, the Dj is set and they asked that champions stop at the pit shack to give Kim their jacket sizes. The driver special awards forms have been given out, more are available at the pit shack. They are important tools for special award decisions.

Class reps reported progress, they also reported that the 4-wheeler operators need to be extra vigilant when starting cars, the track gets busy and attention can wander. Also cars on the track have to remember starting laps are caution laps, not the time to check your engine or speed.

Old Business:

The general feeling was Labor Day shows went well. The different points and consi procedure was a bit confusing but by Sunday we had it down. Drivers did feel it saved cautions with extra chances to qualify.

A question was asked on 4-strokes running with 125’s. It was explained that certain modified 4-strokes may run with 125’s but 125’s cannot run with the current 4-stroke specifications. A motion was made and seconded to adjust the rotation of the classes. This was felt to help get the 600’s at the end of the night, it was felt that would save wear on the track surface. The motion was to rotate the sportsman, 4-strokes and 125’s as the first three classes, then rotate the 270’s and 600’s as the last two classes. The motion was seconded but failed in a membership vote.

The track surface in general was discussed and the members wondered what is planned, it was answered that we are aware and have clay in storage. Also quotes are being gathered for regrading and clay addition over the winter. Also noted was a plan to gather information about restructuring the entrance gate.

The USAC show was a successful event and we were praised for our handling of a national touring event and praised for the extraordinary work the track crew and volunteers put into recovering for the rain storm. They were impressed we could recover and host them.

New Business:

It was brought up that the handicapped seating section needs some attention, it had some erosion over the season and could be a tripping hazard.

Discussion turned to driving infractions and the increase in chopping, charging and dirty slide jobs. Competition will be looking into it further.

The ambulance was a concern for members the recent episode with it not being able to be started was worrisome. It is being looked at to see if it can be repaired, replaced or some other option.

The 2 minute clock for repairs was discussed, a suggestion was to possible get rid of it but have pit stops be available, you would have gauge your time as the race would not be held and you would have to start back in the rear of the field. It was suggested to write a rule change as tonight was the last for any changes to be submitted. It was asked who the rule change chairperson was, it was unsure at the meeting.

With no further new business Jimmy opened the floor for Nominations.

·        Jim Harrington was nominated for president and he accepted. There were no other nominations.

·        Zach Light was nominated for Vice President and he accepted. There were no other nominations.

·        Cheryl Brown was nominated for Secretary and she accepted. There were no other nominations.

·        Steve Brown was nominated for 600 class rep, he accepted. There were no other nominations.

·        Randy Schaeffer was nominated for 270 class rep, he accepted. There were no other nominations.

·        Sheena Schaeffer and Randy Hibshman were nominated for 125 class rep, they accepted.

·        Ron Shannaman was nominated for sportsmen class rep, he accepted. There were no other nominations.

·        Cliff Brian and Randy Hibshman were nominated for 4-stroke class rep, they accepted.

Jimmy did note that nominations are open until the October LMMC meeting. That meeting will start off the winter meetings at Fire Company in?

For the good of the Club:

It was suggested to use a pill pull for inversions like we do for the first race of the season before any averages are made.

It was suggested to do a wingless show for all classes once a month to add some excitement to the fans.

With no further business Jimmy accepted a motion to adjourn from Greg and seconded by Kim at 8:50PM.

Cheryl Brown, secretary