LMMC Monthly Meeting Minutes

August 8 2016

Jimmy called the meeting to order at the track at 7:30PM. Minutes of the July meeting were read and stood as read. A July Board meeting synopsis was read.

Committee reports:

·        Banquet report progress and several DJ options have presented themselves.

·        Membership report several cards and flowers sent, Dennis Ziegler’s’ father had passed away and club condolences will be sent in the next few days.

·        Tech reported progress.

·        Class reps all reported progress.

·        Competition reported progress.

Old Business:

The question of the push vehicle driver using his own equipment has been handled.

The time limit restriction was brought up for discussion. Drivers felt it wasn’t always driver error prolonging lining back up. Lengthy discussion followed including use of racecievers. Mike made a motion to rescind the ruling regarding time constraints and penalties passed last month to penalize classes that could not finish features in under 20 minutes. The motion was seconded and then passed by a majority vote.

New Business:

Zak motioned to change the standard rotation order to 125’s, 270’s, 4-strokes, sportsmen and 600’s. This would go into effect after the Clyde Martin Memorial race. Kim seconded the motion and it passed by a majority vote.

There was varied discussion on racing in general, 600’s going 4 abreast, rule infractions, track surface conditions.

There is a planned helmet drive in memoriam to Brian Clausen, both Saturday and Tuesday night when the USAC event is planned. The funds raised would either go the Clausen family or the benevolent fund. Also planned is some infield logos for Tuesday night, there was some concern that USAC should have some say and give approval.

Cars from years past will be on display and Roger demonstrated the correct way for civilians to salute the flag.

There was a suggestion to have a true pill pull for handicapping in 2017.

With no further business Jimmy entertained a motion to adjourn from Kim and seconded by Nick, the motion passed at 8:35PM


Cheryl Brown, Secretary