LMMC Monthly meeting

October 10, 2016

Jimmy called the meeting to order at the Brownstown fire company at 7:30PM. Minutes of the September LMMC monthly meeting were read and stood as read. A September Board meeting synopsis was given.

Treasurer’s report:

Committee Reports:

·        Competition reported progress.

·        Tech reported progress.

·        Banquet reports they are ready and the deadline for tickets is November 5th, that will be before the next monthly meeting. It will be held at the four season’s golf course and will be a buffet. Tickets are 40.00/adult and 15.00/kids 4-10 years of age.

·        Membership reports progress.

Correspondence, Harvey was seen at the Ephrata fair and was doing well, he’s in a wheel chair but looked good. Pat Ely is coming to the board meeting to discuss some security possibilities.

Old Business:

 The track resurfacing and grading will put in new base and clay and banking will be as it was in 2016.

Nominations were next on the agenda. There was no new nominations for President, Vice president or Secretary. The secretary cast the vote for all uncontested positions. They are Jim Harrington for President, Zak Light for vice president, Cheryl Brown for secretary, Ron Shannaman for sportsman class rep, Randy Schaeffer for 270 class rep and Steve Brown for 600 class rep. The 125 class had two nominees, they were Randy Hibshman and Sheena Schaeffer. Ballots were passed to all members present, Zak and Tim counted the votes, and Sheena Schaeffer was elected by a majority vote. The 4-stroke class had two nominees, they were Cliff Brian and Randy Hibshman. Ballots were counted by Jim and Kim and Cliff Brian was elected by a majority vote.

New Business:

Raceivers were discussed and the benefits it may or may not have. Units cost 70.00 – 120.00. The raceciever brand can be purchased or any analog device that is a receiver only and can pick up an analog radio signal. Zak made a motion to use them starting in 2017, with April being a grace period but becoming mandatory starting the first race of May 2017. Kim seconded the motion. Discussion followed including several ideas for policy enforcement and penalties. They include repeat offenders for non-functioning units (disqualification or forced rental), one lap to respond to officials after drivers have been told to change positions, one race grace for forgotten or malfunctioning units. Mike then made a motion for any driver not responding to an official in some way after directions to be sent to the rear. This would start at the first race of 2017. Greg seconded the motion, and it passed by a majority vote.

Mike made a motion for the Board to either define the role of the rules committee or abolish it. He felt all rules should be presented to the membership unless they are detrimental or unsafe to the Club or members. Zak seconded the motion. It was passed by the membership.

Mike motioned that all the rules that were submitted to the rules committee be presented to the present membership. Ken seconded the motion.

With no further new business Jimmy opened the floor to Tim for reading of the submitted proposals for rule changes. These are listed here in synopsis form and will not reflect the final wording in the rule book.

1.      Any parts or broken pieces of a drivers’ car may be removed by a safety worker or official, with no tools and then drivers may return to the race in the rear of the field. Members did not pass this rule.

2.      Remove the rule about leaving track and not being able to return. Allow cars to go off the track and get repairs as long as they return to the race before a green flag dropped. Members did not pass this rule by a slim majority.

3.      If the consi count is exactly as many qualify or less the field will be set on the grid and will not be set on the track. Members passed this rule.

4.      Change rookie minimum number of races from 7 to 4, starting in the rear of the field. Members passed this rule.

5.      Add into the rules that the number of cars can be increased by Officials at open shows only. Members passed this rule.

6.      Change the rule to have 1st heat winner pull pill for redraw for feature the first night only. Members passed this rule.

7.      Remove the rule banning the use of tools on the track except tire gages and the like in victory lane. Members did not pass this rule.

8.      Heat race line ups would be set by point average for the sportsmen, 125 and 4 stroke class. 270 and 600 would pull pills. Members did not pass this rule.

9.      The top 12 would pull an inversion pill for feature line ups each week. Members did not pass this rule.

10.   Change rule to have a yearlong point average rather than a 3 week point average for handicapping. Members passed this rule.

Kim motioned to not hold a LMMC membership meeting in December and January. Donna seconded the motion and it passed by a majority vote.

With no further business Jimmy entertained a motion to adjourn from Ron and a second from Mark. The meeting adjourned at 9:25PM

Cheryl Brown, Secretary