LMMC Monthly Meeting

November 14, 2016

Jimmy called the meeting to order at the West Earl Fire company @ 7:30PM. Minutes of the October meeting were read and stood as read. An October board meeting synopsis given.

There was no Treasure’s report available, Mark had been on vacation.

There was no correspondence.

Committee reports:

·        Race reported progress

·        Tech reports that the U6SA will be holding a training session on January 21st, it will be for anyone who does tech at any tracks and will be consistent tests at any track that participates. It will be held at Hyper shop. Danny Knoll was instrumental in setting this up.

·        Class reps report progress and any new representative are welcome to attend board meetings.

·        Banquet reports everything is ready, there were 291 tickets sold, lots of entertainment is planned and everyone is looking forward to the new venue and buffet dinner. Each race team is asked to bring a door prize.

Old business:

The track resurfacing is progressing, all old clay had been stripped in the corners, down to the base. They are expecting to reapply clay this week and with no weather delays it should be completed next week.

New Business:

Ken has been in contact with the Lancaster newspapers and they are considering coverage of the track 1x/month. He also is able to put our schedule into the what’s happening insert that lists events in the area each week.

Next on the adjenda was any payout proposals or proposed changes. Mike submitted a payout proposal with 2 options. Jimmy asked the members if they would like a change or to consider the proposal. They wanted to consider the proposal. He offered two options both increasing the purse and throughout the field.  His proposal was color coded and included with the written records.

The green column increased the purse 750/class and the yellow one raised it 402/class. He felt the increase in purse would bring enough cars and pit fees to cover the increase, it would need about 3 cars and attendants to cover the increase, or a total of 15 new cars/ race.

The members liked the green payout, several offered a compromise to the middle ground of the yellow column. The vote was 16 – 3 to increase the purse. The board would then look at the feasibility of the increase.

Jimmy also reminded the members that there will not be a general membership meeting in December and January. Board meeting will still be held and members could attend them if they wanted to. They are held the Wednesday after the general meeting at the Elks Club in Ephrata Pa at 7:30PM.

With no further business Jimmy entertained a motion to adjourn from Tim and seconded by Herb, the motion passed at 8:06pm.

Cheryl Brown, Secretary