The below changes will take place at the Clyde for the 2019 Season. You can also watch Barry Angstadt, Jim Harrington and Dan Lane Jr. preview the 2019 season in the attached video (please skip to the 3:30 mark in the video, we apologize for no audio prior to that, discussion prior to 3:30 mark was on 2018 banquet).

Handicapping Rule Change

The Clyde will move away from it’s traditional point handicapping system to an inversion pill to lineup feature events for point races in 2019. The way the inversion pill system will work is we start by lining up the feature heads up from heat finishes. The winner of the last heat race for a class will pull that classes inversion pill at the pit shack. We will then invert the number of drivers for the number that is drawn for the official feature lineup.

Possible will inversion pill numbers will be:

  • 21-24+ cars -> pills 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 in the bag

  • 17-20 cars -> pills 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 in the bag

  • 13-16 cars -> pills 1-8 in the bag

No Car Entry Fee for Members (Point Shows)

For the 2019 season there will be car entry for point shows for members. There will be a $5 car entry fee for non-members. The payout scale has been adjusted by $20/position. It was an unnecessary trading of cash between the track and the competitors where the competitor gives the car entry fee and then receives the entry fee back in their feature payout. This will also reduce the competitor’s tax liability. Reduce the cash handling

No Work Party Requirement

There will be work party requirement for a member car in 2019. This includes both the work party fee or helping at a work party. We will still hold work parties but they will be voluntary. We are hoping enough people can volunteer their time to make sure the Clyde continues to have a top-notch race facility.

Membership Deadline & Car Number Renewal– 3/11/2019

The discounted membership price of $35 will be in effect for all memberships paid on or prior to 3/11/2019. Membership price will increase to $50 for memberships paid after 3/11/2019.

A change for 2019 is that member car number renewals are due by 3/11/2019 or the car number becomes available for anyone to purchase. The car number fee for 2019 will be $35.

2019 membership applications will be posted on here by 1/1/2019.

Gate Project

The safety of our drivers, teams, fans and officials is of great importance at the Clyde. With events that have happened at other speedways and the number of impacts in these locations over the years, we have decided to install gates at both the track entrance and exit areas to fully enclose the outside of the racing surface.

Car Inspection

We have tried in the past couple of seasons to hold car inspections on a practice or race day. That simply did not work well for the volunteers trying to perform all the necessary functions during inspection. Therefore, we are going back to having an inspection weekend prior to the weekend of the first on-track activity.

For 2019, inspection weekend will take place on 3/30/19 and 3/31/19 at the track from 9 AM – 1 PM both days. Cars will need to be presented for inspection one of those days in order to compete on practice day (4/6/2019) or the first scheduled point event (4/13/2019). We will allow new inspections again at the second point event (4/20/2019).

A waiver will be available for a fee, if a competitor can’t make inspection weekend and still would like to practice or compete in opening night points race.

Inspection is not required to compete in the No Wing Spring Fling on 4/6/19.