The Lanco Micro Midget Club has recently finalized rule changes for the 2017 race season. Below is a synopsis of the approved rule changes for 2017. The rule books for 2017 have been updated and can be access by clicking the following links:


One additional planned change for the 2017 racing season will be the use of one-way radio communication during a race event. Starting with the first race in May 2017, drivers will be required to utilize a one-way radio receiver (i.e. Raceceiver, Nitro Bee, Solo III, etc.) to receive communication and instructions from Lanco officials. Although the requirement starts in May 2017, the one-way radios are recommended to be used during our April 2017 race events. The use of the one-way radios should allow for clearer, quicker instructions and communication to drivers.

One Way Radio Policy

If a driver is not following instructions over the one way radio, Lanco officials will check the driver at the scale after the completion of the race to determine if they have a radio on. If the driver does not have a radio, they will be disqualified for the event. If the driver does have a radio, they will have one week to get the radio operational. If the radio is not operational the following week, they will be disqualified from race events until they have an operating radio. Also, if a driver does not respond to a Lanco track official within 1 lap, they will be sent to the rear for the start or restart of the event.

Rule Change Synopsis

- The lineup for the top 12 feature starting spots in a regular point show will be handicapped by the driver's season long point average (driver points/number of races entered). A driver will not have a point average until they have entered one completed regular point earning race event. Pill draw will still be utilized to determine heat race lineups.

- The top 12 starting spots in the features for the first points race will be determined by a redraw by all eligible non-rookie drivers.

- Rookie drivers will only have to start in the rear of their first four (4) point races.

- If the number of drivers that are in the staging for a consolation event are equal to or less than the number of qualifying cars, those drivers will automatically be qualified for the feature event. Cars will not be sent on the racing surface in this scenario and a checkered flag will not be a requirement to qualify to the feature.

- Removed the officials option to start more than 24 cars in a feature for regular point shows