Newmanstown, PA -  It was just what everyone wants, and expects, from a big race with a hefty first place payout...the best of the best were entered (just qualifying for the main event was an accomplishment), the action was terrific, and late race drama determined the winner in two of the four A-Mains!

  Those were the main story lines during Sunday's Night Two of the Labor Day Shootout presented by Hyper Racing at Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway.

  Tim Buckwalter, Douglassville, recorded his second Wingless 600cc Shootout victory - but the outcome was very much in doubt until the final two trips around the progressively banked oval.

  Bear, Delaware's Kyle Spence executed a slide job to grab the lead, then fended off a comeback attempt from Mike Rutherford on the white flag lap to win his second straight Wingless 270cc Labor Day Shootout.

  Seth Spayd, from Shillington, Pa., backed up his Clyde Martin victory on June 25 with another triumph on Sunday. In the season's second appearance by the All Star Slingshots, Spayd again parked in the winner's circle and hoisted a $1,000 check, courtesy of Kim's Kreations.

  Lancaster, Pa.'s William Manotti just keeps on rolling in the 125cc division. Manotti won for the sixth consecutive time on Sunday, and the win was his eighth of the year in the Kelly Cadillac No. 77.

  After another super-successful Labor Day Shootout, Lanco's Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway is now prepared to wrap up the 2016 season with two more weeks of the best winged Micro-Sprint competition in the northeast. The point championships (and top 15 in the standings) for each of the five weekly divisions have come down to the final two races on September 10 and September 17.

  This Saturday, September 10, gates will open at 4:00 with warm-ups beginning at 5:30. The first heat race goes green at 6:30 and thjs week's menu includes qualifying heats, consolations, and 25-lap main events for the 600cc, 270cc, Sportsman, 125cc, and the Sports n' Turf 250cc Four-Stroke Micro-Sprints.

  Sunday's Hyper Racing Wingless 600cc A-Main was everything you'd expect when Tim Buckwalter, James Morris, Jon Keller, and Kyle Lick line up side by side in the first two rows. A fantastic field of 62 Wingless 600's was pared down to 26 for the 30-lap A-Main, and the fastest line was (literally for some) up against the fence.  

  Morris out-gunned Buckwalter for the lead at the outset, but it was a three-car wrestling match for the top spot as Morris, Buckwalter, and Kyle Lick waged war in the early going. Buckwalter was set back two positions for jumping on a restart with seven circuits complete, and Lick blasted by Morris to take command on lap eight. The trio of Lick, Morris, and Buckwalter continued to scrap for the lead, especially on double-file restarts that dotted the middle portions of the race, with Lick maintaining a slim advantage until he eventually widened his lead as Morris and Buckwalter engaged in a dual for the runner-up position.

  With ten to go, Buckwalter slipped past Morris for second as the engine on Morris' No. M85 expired. The race seemingly belonged to Lick at that point, but two cars tangled directly in front of the leader in turns three and four - with just four tours remaining. Lick somehow navigated his way by the pair of 600's that parked sideways right in front of his No. 8 as he twisted his mount as hard as he could, then punched the throttle to duck under them.

  The ensuing restart gave new life to Buckwalter, and he hounded Lick over the next couple of laps. With two to go and Buckwalter diving low in three and four to attempt a slide job, Lick hopped the cushion and bounced toward the outside guardrail. He regained control quickly, but Buckwalter screamed by on the bottom, grabbing the lead as Lick slid back to sixth.

  Buckwalter went on to win his second Wingless 600 Shootout in the past five years, with New York's Robbie Hocker finished second, with Austin Bishop, Kyle Spence, and Alex Bright rounding out the top five. Buckwalter earned $1,000 for the win.

  Seven heat races were needed for the large field of 62, with wins going to Bradley Brown, Jon Keller, Buckwalter, Spence, Tommy Kunsman, Cory Grenzy, and Lick. A passing/finishing point system was utilized, and the top 40 in points from the heats went to four A-Qualifier races. Winning the A-Qualifiers were Bright, Lick, Austin Bishop, and Buckwalter. Three B-Mains whittled the field down to 26 for the A-Main, with Greg Stevens, Shaun Brandel, and Bobby Butler scoring the B-Main victories.

  The Hyper Racing Wingless 270cc feature was equally as good as the 600 A-Main, as Tyler Ulrich, Kyle Spence, and Louden Reimert battled for the top spot in the early laps. It wasn't long before sixth-starter Mike Rutherford and Austin Bishop joined the fun at the front of the pack as the top five ran under a virtual blanket.

  Spence snatched the lead from Ulrich on the third revolution, but Ulrich stormed back in front on a restart with eight circuits scored. On lap 13, Rutherford went low and blew past Spence and Ulrich to go from third to first in one move in turns one and two. Spence was not about to give up, though, staying close enough to the new leader until he could attack with slide jobs in the corners. Rutherford crossed over and reclaimed the top spot each time as the fans watched the entertaining fight for the lead as well as a terrific back-and-forth tussle for third between Ulrich and Nick Sweigart.

  Heading for the white flag, Spence threw a slider that put him in front. When Rutherford attempted to dive back under him, Spence repelled the challenge and held on to the number one position. He remained out front over the final trip around the clay, putting the new Hyper Racing x7 Chassis in victory lane for the first time since its debut just two weeks ago. The $1,000 triumph was the second straight for Spence in Lanco's Labor Day Shootout Wingless 270cc action.

  Rutherford settled for second, with Sweigart winning the third place battle over Ulrich, who finished fourth. Dan Lane Jr. wound up fifth over Austin Bishop and 20th starter Richie Hartman.

  Brent Shearer, Sweigart, Bradley Brown, and Louden Reimert won heat races for the 39 car field. The four A-Qualifiers went to Dustin Fox, Nick Skias, Nick Walton, and Brian Sholley. Jenna Schostkewitz and Darren Schott captured the B-Main victories.

  Twenty-two All Star Slingshots entered the Kim's Kreations Shootout, with a $1,000 payday awaiting the winner. Seth Spayd continued his 2016 mastery of the Slingshots at Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway, adding a second triumph to his Slide at the Clyde win on June 25.

  Taylor Mills darted to the lead from his outside front row starting spot, and Damon Paul sliced from fourth to second on the opening tour of the 30-lap affair.

  When lapped traffic held up Mills on lap 12, Paul wasted no time in shooting low and snatching the top spot. The first caution period occurred after 18 consecutive green flag laps and permitted Spayd, who started fifth, to work his way into the runner-up slot on the restart. Another restart, with 11 to go, proved pivotal as Spayd managed to stick the nose of his No. 10s under Paul on the back chute, then edge ahead when they accelerated off turn four.

  Spayd maintained control of the race from that point on, taking the checkered flag by three-quarters of a second over Austin Silfee. Silfee inherited the runner-up position when Paul clipped a large infield tire marker and spun, collecting third place Taylor Mills in the process.

  At the finish, it was Spayd over Silfee with Justin Mills crossing the line in third. Austin Stufflet and Amber Oraschin wound up fourth and fifth.

  Slingshot heat winners included Brett Bieber, Chris Kurtz, and Spayd.

  William Manotti had to work hard to achieve his eighth win of the season in 125cc Micro-Sprint competition. Manotti fell back on the start when he was boxed in and almost forced into the infield tires on the opening lap. He calmly and steadily worked his way back into contention, moving into second place with five laps in the books.

  Manotti then chased leader Corey Schmuck Jr. for the next 16 circuits before he was finally able to wrestle the top spot away from Schmuck in turns three and four. Manotti led the final ten laps to run his incredible 125cc win steak to six in a row.

  Schmuck finished second with Justin Harrington in third. Kassidy Michael drove her 250cc Four-Stroke to a fourth place finish and Kory Merkey was fifth when the checkered flag waved.

  Sixteen of the 125cc racers entered the Shootout, with heat race victories going to Austin Graby and Manotti.


Wingless 600cc Micro-Sprint Feature, 30 laps: 1.Tim Buckwalter, 2.Robbie Hocker, 3.Austin Bishop, 4.Kyle Spence, 5.Alex Bright, 6.Kyle Lick, 7.Bradley Brown, 8.Ryan Groff, 9.Greg Stevens, 10.Zack Bealer, 11.Patrick Kelly, 12.Tommy Kunsman Jr., 13.Heath Hehnly, 14.Eddie Strada, 15.Bobby Butler, 16.Joel Smith, 17.Cory Grenzy, 18.Jack Conover, 19.James Morris, 20.Jim Radney, 21.Kassidy Michael, 22.Mark Manieri, 23.Nick Skias, 24.Jon Keller, 25.Jason Swavely, 26.Shaun Brandel.

DNQ: Chad Sandt, Dave Dimaio, Frank Jarkiewicz, Matt Carr, Charles Hunt, Adam Giovanetti, Rebecca LaMothe, John Casazza, Hunter James, Don Hess, Wayne Scott, Cameron Bellinger, Tyler Tank, Ben Earnst, Chris Oraschin, Taylor Troxel, Colin White, Mike Austin, Chris Rupp, Louie Horvath, Kyle Melvin, Cale Mutter, Mike Dicely, Patrick Ely, Jacob Severn, Pat Bealer, Tatter Kysor, Ben Martin, Josh Conover, Shawn Rooney, Brandon Heist, Jim Tippin, Sam Kravitsky, Joey Jarowicz, Joe Austin, Zach Light.

Wingless 270cc Micro-Sprint Feature, 30 laps: 1.Kyle Spence, 2.Mike Rutherford, 3.Nick Sweigart, 4.Tyler Ulrich, 5.Dan Lane Jr., 6.Austin Bishop, 7.Richie Hartman, 8.Anthony Yerger, 9.Louden Reimert, 10.Angelo Mercado, 11.Nick Walton, 12.Alex Swift, 13.Alex Funari, 14.Ronald Helmick, 15.Jenna Schostkewitz, 16.Adam Minzer, 17.Darren Schott, 18.Dustin Fox, 19.Brian Sholley, 20.Toby Blumenshine, 21.Jon Keller, 22.Nick Skias, 23.Adam Harnish, 24.Bradley Brown, 25.Randy West, 26.Billy Logeman.

DNQ: Brent Shearer, Jim Skias, Dallas Schott, Jonathan John, Josh Stoyer, Brian Boyer, Jarrett Imler, Brandon Edgar, Zach Light, Morgan Rochelle, Daryl Davis, Austin Graby, Joe Kepple.

All Star Slingshot Feature, 30 laps: 1.Seth Spayd, 2.Austin Silfee, 3.Justin Mills, 4.Austin Stufflet, 5.Amber Oraschin, 6.Tyler Peet, 7.Brett Bieber, 8.Dakota Kohler, 9.Mike Glass, 10.Blaire Schoenly, 11.Taylor Mills, 12.Anthony Raisner, 13.Chuck Whary, 14.Hunter Zimmerman, 15.Bret Schoenly, 16.Natasha Henn, 17.Dave Morrell, 18.Damon Paul, 19.Chris Kurtz, 20.Matt Miller, 21.Joe Kepple, 22.Dylan Hoch.

125cc Micro-Sprint Feature, 30 laps: 1.William Manotti, 2.Corey Schmuck Jr., 3.Justin Harrington, 4.Kassidy Michael, 5.Kory Merkey, 6.Kyler Heiney, 7.Holden Eckman, 8.Jas Hehnly, 9.Cody Hibshman, 10.Austin Graby, 11.Shane Davis, 12.Brandon Gibble, 13.Tyler Hershey, 14.Nate Gibble, 15.Tajae Adams, 16.Brandon Stuck.