Newmanstown, PA (July 6) -  Longtime racing photographer and Track Chasing veteran Mike Knappenberger, from Exeter Township near Reading, PA, has been chosen to follow Shred Racing Photos as the official track photographer at Lanco’s Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway.

  A few months ago, Bonnie & Curt Goshert of Shred Racing Photos made the difficult decision to step down, after seven seasons, as the Lanco club’s track photographers, effective June 30. Bonnie and Curt, along with their son, Austin, who manned the photo and novelty stand, cited a desire to spend more time with family and to also travel around to different race tracks as the reasons for stepping down. 

  Lanco officials immediately began the search for a replacement, and chose Knappenberger as the man for the job. Technically, his duties began July 1, but the first event he will shoot as track photographer will occur on Saturday, July 14, when the Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway swings back into action after a two-week break.

  “Bonnie and Curt did a tremendous job for the past seven years, and my main goal is to continue on the path they’ve established. I do have some ideas, though, and hope to implement some different things as we go along,” said Knappenberger.

  His first promotional idea will take place on Saturday the 14th, when the first 200 kids though the main ticket gate will receive a free photo. The youngsters will have to pick up their souvenir at the Photo & Novelty stand, which will now operate under the direction of Kim’s Kreations. Kim Glass of Kim’s Kreations is working in conjunction with Knappenberger to run the stand and sell his photos, along with numerous novelty items.

  Lanco’s Board of Directors and officers wish nothing but the best for the Goshert family and thank them for their dedicated service to the club and speedway.

  Knappenberger has been giving back to the racers, at the Clyde as well as other area tracks, for the past few seasons through decals that promote his Facebook page - Race Chasing for Fans. Many of the region’s drivers have been recipients of bonus money at the end of a night’s competition thanks to Knappenberger and his sponsors. Beginning this Saturday, July 14, participants at Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway will now also benefit from his photography skills.