The Lanco Micro Midget Club has recently finalized rule changes for the 2018 race season. Below is a synopsis of the approved rule changes for 2018. The rule books for 2018 have been updated and can be access by clicking the following links:


Rule Change Synopsis:

- The lineup for the top 12 feature starting spots in a regular point show will go back to the 3-week handicap system used prior to the 2017 season. Pill draw will still be utilized to determine heat race lineups.

- A driver will be considered late for an event if they are not in the staging area ready to race by the time the last place starting car for the event is pushed onto the track. This rule does not apply if the driver competed in the race immediately prior.

- Removed the no case porting rule for the Sportsman class

- Aftermarket reeds are permitted to be used for the Sportsman class as long as the reed cage remains stock

- 125 and 4 Stroke classes will be combined into a single class beginning with the 2021 racing season

- The disciplinary procedure has been updated