LMMC Monthly Meeting
July 11, 2016

Minutes of the June LMMC meeting were read and stood as read.  A June board meeting synopsis was given.

Treasurers report:

Correspondence, A basket was sent to Bruce Ginther, and Pat Ely will have one upcoming. They both have had surgery.

Competition, Neil said it was his idea to push the show through, we had weather all around but got lucky.

Banquet, asks if the members want a DJ this year? It generally costs about 350 – 400 dollars. The members said yes.

Class reps reported progress, the Sportsman though seem to have no respect for each other and last Saturdays race showed it.

Old Business, the Club has purchased a headset for the new position of race directors’ liaison. Doug Michael will be there most of the time. The head set is dedicated to that position and may also be used by the class reps.
Jimmy is working on replacing the sign on the scoreboard, he later specified it should be here this weekend.

New business, discussion opened with the Sportsman class the previous Saturday. Mike made a motion and Neil seconded it. The motion was then amended to: If any class has a 20 minute feature twice in a row, they would then have their feature moved to last in the rotation until they can run two 15 minute features in a row to be reinstated into the regular rotation. Open shows would not be part of this criteria. Discussion followed and was passed by a majority vote.
Payout for winner in less than full field events was the next topic. The previous race had less than a full field and no sponsor and it seemed especially low. Discussion was varied Mike did offer that a full field class payout averages about 62.00/car and 23 or less cars averages about 50.00/car. Some members felt having a guaranteed purse would help entice drivers to our track.
The Clyde Martin Memorial race purse in 2015 we paid on an average car count scale, regardless of actual car count. It was asked if we are doing that again this year. Mike then offered a motion to use the same averaging this year for the payout. Ken seconded the motion. The motion passed by a majority vote.
USAC advanced grandstand seating are still available, and in the event of a cancellation there would be a refund option. Flyers had been made and were given to anyone who wanted to post them.

This led to several items revolving around advertising.
1.    We need to do searches for ClydeMartinSpeedway.com, this will help advance it as an option on search engines. If you notice any issues please direct them to Tim Bortz.
2.    Labor Day planning and posting of events. It seems some people did not know we were having a wingless show in July. Deb asked for discussion on Wednesday to help her plan some of the advertising.

It was asked how many and what type of fire extinguishers were on the track at any given time? There is 1 in every corner, and one on each light pole, so 6, and one on each 4-wheeler, and they are ABC type units. It was then asked about training to use them and extricate drivers? There had been training in the past but it was unsure if they retrain each year. We will find out. Members offered alternative types of extinguishers, maybe called purple K, with a keratein base and a ball type recently viewed on social media.

Barb Seville handles the track sponsorship and Gary handles the signage.

With no further business Zach accepted a motion to adjourn from Kim and a second from Herb. The motion passed at 8:40PM